Friday, June 27, 2008

GOP Sets Elections Strategy

Many have criticized Senator John McCain for laying low during such a critical time before the elections but it seems that the Republicans haven’t simply be absent: they’ve been planning. Planning for a national campaign strategy to combat Senator Obama and the Democrats.

The GOP unveiled its plans to paint a different picture. It wants to paint a picture of McCain as a champion, war hero and patriot; as someone who is selfless and willing to take a risk for the betterment of others. The other prong is to paint Obama as a very “normal” politician who looks out for himself and as a candidate who is always trying to travel the same, safe road. The consultants for the Republican part are trying to undo the damage done by the current administration by pushing a message that says ‘Washington is broken” rather than placing the blame for failures squarely on the current administration’s shoulders.

My thoughts?

Kudos GOP! Looks like you’ve got the right elements- now let’s see if this approach works. Framing a message around their candidate gives Republicans the room to set the frame itself rather than responding, as they have been doing over the last few months (due to shortage of funding). The Democrats are no doubt framing their own issues and platforms so it remains to be seen how the duel will shape up.


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