Friday, May 30, 2008

Obama's Political Past

Grassroots movements have always held a place close to me, because they bring power to people who have a lot to lose. When I first found Senator Obama running for the Senate a few years ago, my fingers went flying on the keyboard to find out all I could about this civil rights activist. I was delighted at the prospect of having a non-political politician in Washington, finally.

Now that he’s running for president, a lot of Senator Obama’s political past has come out into the open. Like how he managed to get into the Illinois Senate by eliminating all of his competition over petition signatures, including a long time celebrated civil rights activist and incumbent. I told myself that it’s pretty low to do something like that but I quickly dismissed it, thinking he did something like that while he was young, he won’t repeat that mistake. Now, with the Florida and Michigan vote controversy, it’s interesting to see Senator Obama crying foul as Senator Clinton tries to play the game Senator Obama once played in Illinois.

*Note: CAIR-Illinois does not endorse any political candidate*


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