Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Obama Win's Oregon and Hilary Sweeps Kentucky

Last night’s primary election in Oregon in gave Obama and his supporters a boost. Analysts are now saying that Obama will most likely win the number of delegates he needs by the final set of primaries on June 3 (Montana, North Dakota, and Puerto Rico). However, lets not forget Clinton, who won Kentucky by a very large margin and is now using the argument that she’s been using even more. She says that she will be able to deliver the working class white vote in November, something she disputes Obama can’t deliver. Clinton has had victories though Appalachia, winning Ohio, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.

Last night’s speeches from both candidates, I have to admit that it was refreshing to not see mud-slinging. Both candidates were respectful of each other’s campaigns but at the same time firm on who will win the nomination. Obama is now shifting focus and acting very much like the Democratic nominee. In fact, he even started campaign in Florida, where he is behind on votes (Republican candidate for president, John McCain is there too).


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