Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Since the beginning of the primary season, we have been waiting for presidential candidates from each party to emerge. Well so far we have two, John McCain and Ralph Nader. What? Where is the Democratic candidate? This particular race was supposed to be over on Super Tuesday. That didn’t happen as Barack Obama won an unexpected amount of states on that day and followed it up with a remarkable 11 state winning streak. Then came Texas and Ohio where Barack was hoping to break his opponents back but was unable to defeat Hillary Clinton. That gave her the momentum going into the final leg of the primaries. Currently, both Barack and Hillary are embroiled in a political marathon and it looks like there is no end in sight. I mean, when we look at the remaining states to hold primaries, in the end, there seems to be no clear cut winner, even if they decide to redo Michigan and Florida. So how are the Democrats going to decide who get the nomination?
As it stands both campaigns are working their major angles. First the Clinton campaign is pitching the idea that since they have won the large states, such as Ohio, New York and California, they have a proven record of winning the states that will count during the national election. While the Obama camp argues that he will win the nomination since he has the most pledged delegates. All the while they woo the super delegates that are still undecided. This is a process that will take us all the way to the national convention. Imagine, if you will, the convention center filled to the brim, half of which are Hillary supporters and the other half Barack supporters, waiting for a winner: the super delegates come out to the stage and announce… a boxing ring in the parking lot and that is the only way that it will be settled.
This, to me, is an insane, crazy political race to the White House. This is the true meaning of democracy. In this environment every vote counts and people around the country really seem to have taken interest in this election cycle. Some of the pundits argue that this will polarize the Democratic Party and that it will leave some disenfranchised. I say nay to those notions. I say this encourages people to get involved and that this encourages people to really listen to what the candidates have to say. I believe that this will make the candidates battle tested for the national campaign. This makes the young, the old, the left and the right wake up from the nightmare of the last seven years. I am not saying that the apathy that has ruled the political environment since the 70’s is gone. It is just exciting to see and hear people excited about this election. This is the type of election that shows a very bright future for this country.


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