Friday, November 09, 2007

When Will The Candidates Talk to Us?

While there are a ton of candidates there are only about three, per party, that are being heard. On the Democratic side we hear Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards; on the Republican side we see Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani. On team Dem. we see that the most talked about subjects are the Iraq war and health care. For team Rep. we see the same Iraq war and health care but with a bit of immigration sprinkled in.
Yes these issues are very important to all of us. But what about the other issues, the issues that are intertwined with the issues that are dominating the spotlight? What about the economy, the weakening dollar, the rising price of oil, inflation, and the collapse of the housing market? What about the U.S. budget and budget deficit that is in the trillions of dollars? What about Social Security or better yet the ominous future of Social Security? What about education and the complete and utter failure of No Child Left Behind and our diminishing civil rights? I could go on and on as to what ails us and what they should be talking about, but as the candidates stomp around and behave as if they are in a bad WWE melodrama, they are ignoring some of the issues that affect people day in day out.
When will they talk to us and not at us? Yes the war in Iraq is very important to us. We made a mess and now we have to clean it up. It is not going to happen over night, although this war should not have happened in the first place. It seems apparent to me that it would be crazy to pull out from one day to the next simply because the administration was wrong. Now they have to stick it out for better or for worse.
As far as health care, the Dem.’s want to give health care to as many people as possible. How are they going to pay for that? Are they going to raise taxes, people are allergic to that (even though I think it would be a great idea). The Rep.’s think that universal health care would bring back communism. So tell us more, tell us what you think, not what you think we want to hear.
As our President continues to make history, not in a good way, he is attempting to spruce up his image. The White House is a sinking ship. This unenviable task of righting a ship that looks doomed will fall on the candidate that will win this WWE match. Once victory is declared just how will they go about fixing this sinking ship?


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