Friday, February 01, 2008

Ready to Fight the Good (or Bad) Fight!

The race has really dwindled down for both the Democrats and the Republicans. Which one? The presidential one of course!

Last night, I managed to catch a majority of the democratic debate featured on CNN and surprisingly, the candidates were civil, a welcome change from the beat downs they’ve had over the last few weeks. It’s not just me; that’s what all the political pundits are saying too.

In the heat of one of the closest races ever, within a party, both candiadates are very set on making history. And that’s what it looks like the Democrats will do. Barack Obama is an African American male seeking his party’s nomination and Hilary Clinton is a Caucasian female seeking THE place in the White House. Neither has happened before so this promises to be an interesting fight, at least on the Democrats’ end.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have been three-way trash talking; with McCain calling out Romney on national television, telling him he flip flops too much and Huckabee is appealing to the conservative right, telling them that he’ll bring back Christian morals to the White House. His approach is also to attack the mildly Republican John McCain, who has been chasticized by his party for his position on everything from immigration reform to taxes.

Given all the excitement, Super Tuesday (February 5th) promises to bring lots of anticipation and history making. Illinois moved up its primaries by a month to become a part of Super Tuesday, so go to the polls and put in your two cents about who you want to see move forward in this election!


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