Monday, May 19, 2008

and all of the DNC's delegates couldn't put the party together again...

Humptey Dumptey sat on a wall. Humptey Dumptey had a great fall…in the end all of the king’s horses and men coun’t put poor Humptey together again.

Is that where the Democratic Party is heading too?

I can’t say whether I hope so or not but I can say that it would be very advantageous of Senator John McCain this fall, if Senators Clinton and Obama don’t reconcile their differences (as much as any two opposing forces can) before the general election.

From name calling to accusations, their campaigns have seen it all. Clinton supporters call Obama’s campaign sexist while Obama supporters insist that Clinton’s campaign is racist. I feel like in the middle of a yelling match between two fifth graders!

If the factions continue, Clinton and Obama may create so much disunity among Democratic voters that it might be too late to pull the party back together again, before November. My idea was to let the two battle it out in an ultimate fighting match and letting the winner just take all of it but of course, the primaries are pretty much the bloody match.


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