Friday, September 05, 2008

All About Palin

In trying to find something to write, dear readers, I was struck by the overwhelming capacity of media outlets I reviewed to churn out stories about Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin. There were writers claiming her speech was the climax of the RNC, others comparing her to Dan Quayle and still more reporting on the defensive stance many major news publications are taking after they came down hard on Palin after her nomination.

My question: How does this coverage actually effect the Republican Party?

On the one hand, it really helps. Her entrance provides a much needed boost in the way of excitement for the Republicans. McCain hasn't exactly been earning charisma points lately so any little bit she can contribute helps. Not only that but she also brings along this image of change and reform, something the McCain campaign has been struggling to convey in months past. She can help return McCain to his once seemingly lost "maverick" status. She seems to be making Republicans excited about their nominee again.

On the other hand, the GOP could be hurting as well. The female vote is not a sure thing as many women may feel that Palin's nomination is a political ploy aimed at capturing their collective vote (if such a thing exists). Also, though I did not catch the whole thing, I have seen bits and pieces of Palin's acceptance speech. Indeed, it was a fiesty oration but where's the substance? Yes, we hear the constant jabs at your opponent but what are you going to do that is so different? Many on the left cringe at the overt attacks on Obama's record and such but at the same time this may be a motivator for the Democratic Party. They've been going strong for the duration of this campaign, breezing by while the McCain camp faltered. Not to say that the Democrats are struggling but this kind of attack without support from a solid and substantial message could be yet another boost for Obama's party. Essentially her speech only adds fuel to the fires of change on the left side of the aisle.

So what can we conclude now that both conventions have reached their conclusions? Both sides have some pretty good speech writers but that's not going to ensure victory in November. Happy trails gentlemen (and lady).


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