Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama Selects VEEP

There has been such an effort to undercut each other’s announcements by both parties. What announcements, you may ask. The announcements for VEEPS (Yes, it’s a term for vice president that was coined in the middle of the 20th century but a candidate’s grandchild). Barack Obama has just announced that Joe Biden is his running mate, who by the way gave his acceptance speech last night.

Meanwhile, to undercut the media coverage for this announcement, John McCain’s campaign announced that McCain will inform the candidate of his choice on Thursday, the day after Biden delivered his speech to the masses in Denver. In the meantime, in another effort to divert the media coverage from Obama’s speech, scheduled for later today, McCain and company will make the announcement to the rest of the world on Friday, midday.

It is also official, Hilary Clinton has stepped out of the race, saying very emphatically that there needs to be a very strong cohesiveness in the Democratic party. Right she is, given that Obama/Biden face a tough battle in the swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, who are all hurting from the economic slump. The Clintons said this much in the last two nights, as both Hilary and Bill made a big production of their exit and handed over the party reigns to the Obamas.

How effective will this succession be? Well, we’ll know when the votes are tallied up!


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