Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama's Camp is Anti-Green

As I sit in the office on a Tuesday morning, catching up on my daily dosage of Politico.com, I’m both amused and surprised at a headline that catches my eye. “Obama Ban: What Not to Wear Where?” it reads. I think to myself, Senator Obama, are you kidding me? Are you really going to appear on TLC’s “What Not to Wear” as a publicity stunt?

We should be so lucky. Stacey London and Clinton Kelly won’t have that honor it seems. Rather , the article was referring to the Obama camp’s visit to the Mideast! What do fashion and the Middle East have in common I ask? The article replies, why the color green of course!

(per Obama's staff's rules, this shirt is out of the question!)

It appears that one of Obama’s high level staff members, in an advisory to his colleagues and traveling press, spelled it out: “Do not wear green”. When asked why, the reply was, because it’s the color of Hamas!

My next reaction was, great, so you can’t wear green because it’s a color of Hamas. But wait, it’s also the color of Islam! Is this a sad attempt by the Obama camp at distancing the Senator from his so-called ties with Islam? Yes, it is even if they’re not saying it.

I am reminded of how much we, as Americans hated red because it was the color of Communism. It was loathed; it was avoided like the plague (so to speak). I never understood it but I wasn’t from that time; maybe that’s why. I have to ask though: isn’t green just a color?

Now I have a few follow-up questions of my own, to this strange ban on green:
-What if you have an affinity for green colored eyes? Can you also not wear contact lenses?
-Does this ban include not wearing any green Irish paraphernalia like the clover leaf symbol?
-Do you not visit Saudi Arabia because it has green on its flag?
-Queen Rania has been photographed many times wearing green. Does that mean she supports Hamas or does that make her worthy of being shunned?

Senator Obama and staff, everyone is laughing at your ridiculous ban on the color green. Even the Republicans are taking cheap-shots: “I hear they’re not going to order croissants because they are crescent shaped”.

My advice to you is this: let TLC take care of fashion (I assure you, green is not the new red) and why don’t you stick to what you do best: politics


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