Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Voter Education Guide

After a month of preparation, this week we’re getting a new project off the ground: the Voter Education Guide. Our aim is to produce an informative, easy-to-understand, concise guide to candidates running for U.S. Representative and State offices. It’s a solution to the difficulty that many working men and women have when it comes to getting objective, nonpartisan information about the candidates in their district. Too much of the information that voters receive comes from campaign ads, press coverage, or other mediated paths. This affects the reliability and objectivity of the information. We hope that this guide will serve voters’ need for a nonpartisan summary of their candidates’ platform.

We’ve just finished a questionnaire to send out to the candidates and hope to send it out soon. This is an exciting time for our Project and we can’t wait to share the results. If you’d like any more information about the Voter Education Guide, or any other CAIR-Chicago projects, feel free to email George Tobin at


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